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We help our patients through the process of becoming a legal Medical Cannabis user in the State of Utah

Our Story

As the first Doctor Referral Service for the use of Medical Cannabis in the State of Utah, we set out to build a reputation that was focused on delivering a smooth and comfortable experience for all our patients. We are staffed with experts in this field to help our patients have a safe and legal transition to the use of Medical Cannabis in the State of Utah. We make sure you leave without any questions or uncertainty about Medical Cannabis use. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all people who need the benefits of medical marijuana. We help our patients navigate the new and confusing rules of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act. We believe all patients in need deserve to be served, and we are here to help!

Helping Bring Real Relief To Our Patients

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Patients Helped

"We go above and beyond the current legal requirements to ensure our patients obtain the necessary legal paperwork and permissions to become a legal user of Medical Cannabis in the State of Utah."

Mario Enriquez
President of U.P.C.N.C. (Utah Patients for Cannabis and Natural Choices)

Learn How Truu Med can help you!

View our recent spot on KUTV Channel 2 to learn more about how we help patients obtain their Medical Marijuana card, and what that means for the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

Healthcare-Like Approach

We give our patients a comfortable environment to have all their questions and concerns answered by our professional staff. 

If you are a physician or medical professional looking to support this initiative, contact us to join our team!

Have questions about Utah's Medical Cannabis Act?

Visit our FAQ section to learn more about the current state of regulations, how we can help and what you need to know before visiting or making an appointment.

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